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All orders will be shipped to the address provided at the checkout so please make sure the address you provide is correct.
We are not affiliated in any way with any auto manufacturer. This is not a product of any auto manufacturer, it is just custom made product that fits specific vehicles stated in our ads. As this is just a fix to the airbag – seat belt light, we cannot take any responsibility for any damages to your car or responsibility of any legal issues that may arise from instaling these devices. Any problems that arise from instaling this unit is the responsibility of the installer/buyer and this will not harm your car if installed correctly. Even if it fits and works with majority variants specified by us we still cannot guaranty that it will work with every vehicle. This may not be a legal fix for your car in certain countries.
Airbag Emulators and Seatbelt Simulators size shape and colour may differ from time to time, but that does not affect overall quality and durability.
Our products may last for life in your vehicle, but you should be aware that this should not be used as a permanent solution. Therefore, DO NOT USE this module with a child seat in the front passenger seat.
We cannot take any responsibility for fees that charged when fitting or after fitting our emulators such as instaling it, resetting, clearing faults with diagnostics, etc. Also, we are not responsible for goods shipped abroad import duty & tax charges, such is buyer’s responsibility.

Your Sincerely.